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Home Woodworking Videos have been distributed all over the world. It's almost embarrassing, but I get letters and emails from subscribers raving about our videos. They have used what they've learned to experience woodworking on a whole new level...and even some who've gone on to start successful businesses.

But don't just take my word for it...listen to what satisfied customers have to say:

Charlie Sykes Charlie Sykes, Amarillo TX

I've just watched for the first time (I'll go back and make notes next) your extraordinary recent issue; as a confirmed instructional video junkie I consider myself something of an expert on evaluating that kind of stuff; yours is the best I've come across in the genres that have captured me over the years.

Unexpected - the loads of examples such as how to drive a screw, make a pencil mark, etc. It is indeed like having a private lesson. Even with 25 years of experience, I still found something new every few minutes.

Larry Pate Larry Pate, Lake Worth FL

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been working with wood. These guys teaches solid basics for all skill levels. They bring, not only the how, but the why these procedures will keep you safe and give you the best results as well.

The videos have an even flow teaching method that keeps your attention and leaves you with virtually no questions in the end. I’ve yet to see such thorough lessons presented in a way that makes you want to run to your shop and check and adjust your own equipment to get those perfect results.

Jaime Britt Jaime Britt, Satsuma AL

Sometimes as woodworkers we get too enamored by tools and techniques (like pins first or tails first in dovetails) however, never take the time to understand the nature of the medium we are using. This DVD is the only one to my knowledge that addresses this important area.

Scott Crane Scott Crane, Quebec Canada

Fantastic DVDs. I have never received any formal woodworking instruction, but have instead learned by trial and error...and error...and error. Some of this has been good, but you can certainly get too much of a good thing. I learned a great deal from these lessons and can hopefully now experience fewer errors and more results. I was very impressed with your ability to clearly explain and demonstrate the various lessons.

Ivan Gamble Ivan Gamble, Surprise AZ

I absolutely love it. Woodworking is one of those things where it is easier to understand how to do something by watching than by reading instructions. I've been a subscriber since issue 1.

Gary Battle Gary Battle, Manchester UK

I think your operation is first class. I have had extensive courses most of my life and I think that I know good from poor instruction. You guys seem to understand what we need to know and can present material in a simple yet technical manner. There are a lot of professors out there who get paid handsomely but can't teach at all.

Jerry Dickson Jerry Dickson, Sydney Australia

Don't ask me how or why but I no sooner ordered my router when I found myself looking at your web site. I subscribed to it and after the first issue arrived, I became obsessed. I know I'm not telling you anything you haven't heard many times before but these are absolutely spectacular -- you're spectacular. You're wonderful -- a true sage.

Lewis Alfonso Lewis Alfonso, Seward NE

Hey guys. Just dropping a note to thank you for your videos. I thoroughly enjoyed them. I am a 44yr old beginner woodworker and am looking for all I can on instruction materials. I've learnt so many new things and can always go back and watch it again when I get stuck.Anyhow I am now in the process of watching them for a second time and starting to put to use the skills you teach. Just a great product. Thank you.

Mark Fisher Mark Fisher, Cameron MO

Congratulations on a superior course that one ups any of the other courses out there of which there are sadly precious few. You are filling an awfully big void in courses available on DVD with good, solid and insightful teaching. Thanks again for putting out a product that no one else is coming close to matching.

John Carney John Carney, Ontario Canada

If you are looking for some 1 on 1 training with a master craftsman, but don’t have the time or the money to go to a school or to a private shop, then this video is for you. It gives you the best of both worlds, private instruction for a minimal price. Now be forewarned that each issue at least 2 hours 30 minutes long and incredibly detailed. But you will learn a ton and be a better woodworker for it.

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Marc Goff Marc Goff, Carlton UK

I recently had an exciting opportunity to do my first review. I was sent a subscription of Home Woodworking Videos. They state that this is “Private Woodworking Instruction in a Box”, to which I have to completely agree with. It’s like having a private woodworking teacher!

Timothy Burt Timothy Burt, DeRidder LA

The lessons are fantastic! I have learned so much in the few hours that I've spent watching and re-watching them. I wish I would have had these a long time ago before learning some bad habits on my own. I hope you are able to do a section on the band saw and other topics as I'm really looking forward to those.

Nelson Day Nelson Day, Sterling Heights MI

I've got your latest issue and I love it. Lessons are very detailed, thorough and methodical. Every time I watch it I pick up a couple of tips I had missed previously. I have watched it 3 times and will watch more thru the years as a refresher course. The marking method has been useful to me and has reduced tear out when edge jointing. I also have a much better arsenal of ideas to deal with twisted boards.

Felix Miles Felix Miles, Bell Buckle TN

I just have to tell you that I've been a subscriber since issue no. 1 and love your magazine. I think it is a terrific implementation of technology. Seeing projects made right in front of you really helps a beginner like myself. I get so much more out of seeing how things are done compared to reading how they are done.

Eric Sweet Eric Sweet, Ontario Canada

It's getting to be one...if not the only..."mag" that I really look forward to in my woodworking off season

Greg Nieves Greg Nieves, Downingtown PA

It's very professionally done and the DVD format is great. You get two and a half hours or more of demonstrations from real craftsmen on how to build the things listed on the cover. Its a great help for beginners like myself.

Ed Gilliam Ed Gilliam, Powhatan, VA

I really got my money’s worth out of your DVD! It took the mystery out of the planing process, and gave me confidence that I would not have gotten out of a book or magazine. I look forward to the next one, and am hoping for the subject to be hand planing! I am finishing up my first commisioned piece, a mid-century modern style desk of my design, and your DVD got my milling off to a good start. Thanks!

Jack Vinson Jack Vinson, Compton, CA

The presenters speaks clearly and plainly, so it is easy to understand. You can watch the demonstrations each step, from setup to cutting, during the video as he shows what to do and explains why it is important. I have another 5 or more hours of instruction to watch, and look forward to doing so as time allows. I would highly recommend this for a woodworking club or as a gift to someone just starting out in the hobby.

Your DVDs are great learning aids - very clear and complete. I just finished watching the jointer section and it was WELL worth the time and money. I learned so much about milling that would have taken me years to discover on my own.

Tim Morin, Belleville, MI

I'm a big fan of Home Woodworking Videos and highly recommend it to a home woodworker as it will help show you how instead of just trying to read how. I hope that reads how I think it does!

Rick Macmillan, Hillsdale MI

A person can learn just about anything now by taking advantage of YouTube and commercial DVD's. Most instructional DVD's are satisfactory, but not professionally done. Home Woodworking Videos is one of the best, if not the best, instructional DVD's I have ever seen on any subject.

The DVD treats the viewer as if she/he has a brain, but does not assume the viewer has any prior experience with the tools. As a good instructor is able to do, he is able to put himself in the shoes of a beginning woodworker. He shows every step in the process and explains the reason for each step. The close-ups are clear and detailed showing everything from reading the grain of a board to using a feeler gauge to check the flatness of a glued up table top. Each issue is about 2 hours 38 minutes long and is worth every penny

Glen Holman, Eureka CA

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